Yeah, I have been asked by those who think I'm a music freak (excuse my language) to start up a special music blog which hopefully would one day evolve into a full blown website with enough resource to blow up your mind. The reason for this whole idea is really overwhelming and I'm beginning to think what really is driving me, to be precise, where am I getting the energy to flow and do all the stuff that I do? Well, it's just that I like to do stuff and that's basically about it.

Quite frankly, I had thought I would be a maestro playing some kind of bad instrument, say, like the sax or something in the horns family. But I did not, I have ended up collecting music of every genre and I believe it would be a good idea to share my treasures with everybody. But Samaka music will only be featuring African music in any format. It will also dig into black music from around the world.

I have enjoyed reading a whole lot musical notes and analysis regarding music from motherland. Steve Ntwiga Mugiri's site was my first port of call, and ever since, I got hooked learning a whole lot more from rumba to soukous. Comb and Razor is quite entertaining, too, and the guy knows his stuff pretty well. Benn Loxo, another guru, has been digging for sometime now, and he's really got it going on, and I'm enjoying every bit of his notes. He is awesome. I have also checked out Shakara and Likembe, and it's good to know these folks are just doing well.

I hope you will find the stuff here fascinating and entertaining. I love music, and that's all!


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