Bufallo Gals and Breakdance

Yes, that was the breakdance that drove 80s youngsters crazy when it popped up on NTA and the madness followed not knowing Mclaren was digging into all kind of stuff to keep his vibes going.


Comb & Razor said…
ha! so funny you should post this... i had a blog entry i was thinking of putting up one of these days about how this video introduced breakdancing to Nigeria!
Ambrose Ehirim said…
Hey, man, I bumped into it which took me back to memory lane, I mean back in the day when we were glued to NTA watching all that stuff. Go ahead and do your thing, some stuff about breakdancing and the pubs. That will be cool!

I've been off base for a while -- The Pan African Film Festival and things like that. Just ended on Monday and 'am a little bit freer now. I got some piece to put together.

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